Site Location

The proposed Crows Landing Industrial Business Park (CLIBP) is a reuse project located within the boundaries of the former Crow’s Landing Air Facility in western Stanislaus County, California. Within 1 mile of Interstate 5 (I-5), The Landing’s prime location offers easy access to roadway, maritime, air, and rail facilities—and the world.

Regional Transportation and Intermodal Access

The Landing is located on Fink Road in western Stanislaus County, less than 2 miles east of the Fink Road/I-5 interchange and in the midst of an extensive transportation network that includes:

  • The Interstate Highway System, including access to I-5 and I-580, which provides an approximately 1 hour drive to the San Francisco Bay Area and the maritime Ports of Oakland, San Francisco, and West Sacramento.
  • Adjacency to CA Highway 33, which provides access to the City and Port of Stockton.
  • Proximity to CA Highway 99, a major north-south highway that traverses the state of California.

On-site Aviation. The Landing will include an on-site airport with a 5,400-foot runway. The airport will provide opportunities for aviation-related and aviation-compatible development, and it will offer site tenants an approximately 15-minute commute by air to major Bay Area (Oakland and San Francisco) and Silicon Valley locations (San Jose and Palo Alto).

Regional Economy/Worldwide Opportunities

Located in the center of California’s Central Valley, Stanislaus County offers a diverse economy that continues to play a major role in the distribution of goods throughout California, the west coast, and the world. The County is home to a variety of industries include the E&J Gallo Winery, Foster Farms Poultry Processing and Dairy, nut and other food processing enterprises, and container manufacturing. The County and the greater Central Valley produce and export crops products worldwide, and the value of local agricultural products continues to rise.

The Landing’s proximity to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley provide synergistic opportunities for industries associated with logistics/distribution, research and development. In addition, the West Patterson Business Park (within 2 miles) also presents opportunities for creative partnerships with major retailers and distributers.

The County’s proximity to intellectual resources and worldwide research and development firms cannot be overlooked! Located approximately 1 hour from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, the Crows Landing site has already been tapped to support for research projects and experiments.

Available Workforce Without A Commute

Stanislaus County has experienced one of the highest unemployment rates in California. The County’s primary goal is to create jobs where people live through active Workforce Development efforts and other opportunities.

Locally based jobs are important. Many Stanislaus County residents and other Central Valley residents must drive to the San Francisco Bay Area or other distant employment centers to earn a sustainable wage. Such commuter travel has contributed to increased congestion on the region’s major roadways and important truck routes including I-5, I-580, Highway 99, and CA-120, and contribute to regional air quality concerns. Long commutes have become less attractive to many residents who must sacrifice both valuable family time and household dollars to support distant commutes.

Despite the long commutes, the population of Stanislaus County has grown significantly during the last two decades, and studies indicate continued growth. Many residents are drawn to the County because of its abundance of lower-cost housing compared to the nearby Bay Area. To meet this demand, the County offers a variety of available single-family housing opportunities and price points.

A Sustainable Choice

The reuse of the former Crows Landing military base is not just a smart choice—it’s a sustainable choice.

The proposed CLIBP is close to regional, national, and international roads and ports, and it is located in an area that boasts a nearby, available work force with diverse skill sets to support a variety of industries.

The creation of a regional employment center in western Stanislaus County presents an opportunity to reuse existing infrastructure, and it offers an available, nearby work force that would not be required to make distant commutes or increase congestion on regional roads. The development opportunities provided at The Landing translate to an available local workforce for employers, reduced commute times for employees, and improved air quality for California’s Central Valley.

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